"Building" a More Diverse Construction Industry with Laura Seitz Danielsen (Podcast Episode)

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This episode of the Mumgineer Podcast features the hilarious and talented, Laura Seitz Danielsen!

Laura is currently working as a Talent Acquisition and Retention Leader at APi Group in Minnesota whilst also balancing her home life as wife and mother to two kids aged 3 and 5. Laura is also the author to the children's book "Build It" which allows all children to see themselves represented in the construction field.

Laura has been working in the construction industry for 8 years and is passionate about changing both the makeup of the construction industry to be more diverse and society’s perception of the industry. 

On of the ways she is doing this is by inspiring the next generation with her incredible children's book

In this episode of the Mumgineer Podcast I spoke to Laura about her experiences being a mother in a male dominated company, her experiences trying to start a family and what inspires her passion for the industry.

Three main things lead to Laura deciding to write her book:

1. Her daughter
We would [drive past] construction sites and [my daughter] would yell out "excavator!" and I would say "an impressive rig, its main job is to.." and she would respond "DIG DIG DIG"
2.  To improve society's perception of the construction industry

Laura says in the episode that careers in construction were once considered honorable careers but somewhere along the line going it became perceived as back-up plan if you're not smart enough for something else - Laura wants to fix this issue in today's society and help everyone see the construction industry as a fantastic career choice that leads to a wealth of knowledge and experiences!

3. To represent women in construction for the next generation

Laura was reading books to her daughter when she noticed there was no representation of different genders or people of colour.
I said to my husband "somebody should do something about this" and finally I was like "wait a minute... I am somebody!"
Learn more about Laura and her book at her amazing website, she also has a great blog that you definitely need to read!! 

Listen to this episode of the Mumgineer Podcast to hear more about Laura and her experiences. 

FYI: Laura shares some hilarious stories about being a mum in construction


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