Transitioning to Motherhood

Going from working full-time and being career focused to becoming a mum and trying to figure out how to balance everything can be very daunting! 

If we're being honest, none of us really knows what we're doing. We are just trying to make it through each day with our sanity! However, if there are things we can do to help our transition into motherhood then I'm all for sharing them!

In this three part article series you will:

  • Learn how to overcome "mum guilt" 
  • Understand the judgement that you give and receive
  • Understand your loss of self
  • Learn how to regain your sense of self
  • Learn ways of improving efficiency and mindset in an effort to "juggle it all"

Read more:
Part 1 - Experiencing loss of self and regaining your self worth
Part 2 - Overcoming judgement and mum guilt
Part 3 - How you can juggle it all