Perseverance in Trades with Alanna Dennien (Podcast Episode)

two women

This episode of the Mumgineer Podcast features the talented and persistent, Alanna Dennien!

Alanna is a very accomplished tradeswoman and has won a myriad of awards.

In 2019 she won the
  • Komatsu 4th year apprentice of the year for QLD 
  • Komatsu national apprentice of the year
  • QLD tradeswoman of the year
She is now a nominee for the 2020 QLD trades awards that are yet to be judged.

She is also an active member of the WIMARQ QRC grade 12 girls mentoring program and is passionate about helping other women feel more confident about starting a career in a trade.

Stream the podcast episode below to hear more about Alanna's fantastic achievements!