Finding a passion for welding with Stef Hamilton


two women

This episode of the Mumgineer Podcast features the "badass" welder, Stefanie Hamilton!

Stef has been in the welding industry for 12 years. Most of her experience is in in the oil and gas sectors and mainly in the field, working shutdowns for refineries and power plants. She's now working in a shop position on a 7 on 7 off schedule.

Stef is passionate about her family and spreading kindness and feels very strongly about equality and strives to represent women in male dominated industries by being an example.

Listen to this episode to her Stef talk about the importance of taking a chance on something that scares you. 

"Women can do absolutely anything they put their minds to. It might take us a little longer or we might find a different way to do it but we can do anything anyone else can do and I truly believe that"