My name is Jessica Dennien. I am a wife, mother and engineer, a "mumgineer". I work with individuals and employers to provide insights on how balance can be achieved within the workplace whilst ensuring an efficient, engaged workforce.

A common concern heard among the STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths) community is the difficulty in getting girls and women engaged in STEAM subjects and pursuing STEAM careers. But a conversation not as often had is the difficulty retaining women in STEAM careers.

Retaining women in these careers can be difficult particularly when they decide to start a family. Balancing a demanding STEAM career with family life can be difficult when the male dominated system expects mothers to adapt to it rather than updating the system to allow flexibility and work with ALL parents who want to achieve a better work / life balance.

Losing this talent is not only detrimental to the women who lose engagement in the workforce, but also to businesses that experience significant talent loss. This should be concerning to employers who are experiencing these types of losses as they are losing an investment when talent and IP leave their business.

Improving Opportunities for Women in Engineering with Felicity Furey (Podcast Episode)

two women

This episode of the Mumgineer Podcast features a real life “Superstar of STEM” – She is an inspirational leader, award winning speaker and one of my personal engineering role models, Felicity Furey! 

Felicity has won a multitude of awards including:
  • Science and Technology Australia Superstars of STEM
  • Innovative Engineer of 2018 Engineers Australia 
  • Young Executive of the Year 2016 Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine 
  • Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence Winner 2014 QUT
  • Young Achiever Award 2013 National Association of Women in Construction 
  • Finalist Outstanding Alumni Awards 2013 QUT 
  • Young Social Pioneer 2013 Foundation for Young Australians 
  • 100 Women of Influence 2012

From BOSS Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year to being one of Westpac AFR’s 100 Women of Influence and the Director of four multi-million dollar businesses, Felicity has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’ possible!

She has led some of Australia’s most innovative mega infrastructure projects delivering a $45 million dollar transport infrastructure project portfolio by the time she was just 23 years old!

One of just twelve women in her graduating class of 120, she is committed to fueling diversity across all industries by equipping current and emerging leaders from all backgrounds with the skills and tools to make an impact. Her two businesses, Power of Engineering Inc. and Machinam along with exclusive partnerships with Qantas, Boeing, Toyota, Telstra, Origin and Energy Australia power her mission to help more people ignite their potential and spark meaningful change. 

You can read more about Felicity's work and sign up for her upcoming Millennial Leadership Program at her website

Listen to this episode to hear how Felicity has achieved so much in such a short time frame and how she is now adding "mum" to her impressive list of achievements.