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Supporting Working Mothers

Engaging Children in STEAM

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mother and daughter
My daughter and I

I've been asked "how would you handle certain situations where you feel like you're being judged in a male dominated industry for having children?"

Firstly, I'd like to disclose that this is my personal view based on my knowledge and experiences I've encountered.

Over the last 70 years, many male dominated industries have certainly improved in accepting women in the workplace, but unfortunately many people (men and women) are still prejudice against women and mothers. 

It is in human nature to try to tear people down to lift yourself up and you need to recognise that to avoid doing it yourself and to rise above it if it happens to you. 

If you're the victim of prejudice against you as a woman or a mother I would recommend having an honest conversation with your direct supervisor and/or human resources representative. 

If there isn't a noticeable effort to rectify the situation following this conversation:
  1. If you work under an enterprise bargaining agreement or contract, review the agreement/contract to ensure you're aware of your rights
  2. If you're a member of a union, speak to your union rep
  3. Perhaps consider that an alternative place of employment may provide you with a more supportive environment to foster your career
There are a few things that I also like to keep in mind:
  1. Everyone will have an opinion of you, it is up to you whether or not you want to listen to it, learn from it, or ignore it
  2. You're a dam good mum and good at your job - women are genetically wired to be able to multi-task and think about more than one thing at a time
  3. You can do this - Remember the measures you have in place to effectively balance your work and personal life
  4. Studies show that during pregnancy women undergo significant brain remodeling specifically in regions associated with social cognition and theory of mind which gives us increased empathy and social awareness
  5. Studies have shown that there are many traits that women naturally hold moreso than men that can benefit a business - Reflection, self improvement, courage, discipline and assertiveness

If you have a question or just want to provide me with some feedback please contact me or comment below. 

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