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Engaging Children in STEAM

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What is STEM?

“STEM” is a term that many people would be familiar with. I personally grew up with the term STEM throughout my schooling. For those that don’t know; STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM symbolizes an approach to science and related subjects focusing on critical thinking and analytical skills. 

What is STEAM?

Something that people might not be aware of is the term “STEAM”. STEAM adds an “A” which stands for Arts. Incorporating the arts into STEM education encourages creative thinking and applied arts into real situations.

Why is the 'A' so important?

Art is about discovering and creating. By adding the elements of art to STEM based thinking, it is believed that people can use both sides of their brain—analytical and creative— to become better thinkers.

Creative thinking and innovation is becoming more of a necessity as the world we live in becomes increasingly more complex. With a more complex world, comes more complex problems which require more creative "out of the box" solutions. 

By tapping into the creative side of the brain, future STEAM professionals will be able to expand their capabilities and increase their resilience in this ever-changing world.

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